Hank and Betty

Troll Shadowrunner Couple


“I’m Hank,” the troll says, “and the missus is Betty. We’re newlyweds.”

Hank is a heavy street samurai with cyber arm, dermal plating, smart shotgun, and a huge battleaxe. He’s an experienced Shadow Runner, hailing originally from Orkland, where he made a reputation for himself taking out Japanese riot control squads almost single-handedly. He started running to finance the reconstruction of his right arm after it got blown off by a Fuchi riot squad when he was a teenager. Nowadays, he’s as much motivated by advancing metahuman rights and ending the occupation of San Francisco as he is by creds.

Betty is a powerful and brilliant hermetic mage, specializing in trans-cosmological events. She grew up in Rockport, Texas, a small town on the gulf where trolls are (mostly) accepted as equal members of society. A magical wunderkind, she was accepted into the UCLA’s prestigious Department of Thaumaturgy at 18, no small feat for a poor country troll. She dropped out of college while researching her thesis, and moved to Orkland to join the October 25 Alliance, an anti-Japanese group aimed at ending the occupation of San Francisco and promoting metahuman rights.


Hank and Betty met a couple years back during a Shiawase raid on a clinic in Orksterdam where Betty was working. Hank had been hired by the People’s University as protection after the megacorp began violently “rooting out anti-Japanese sentiment” in the hospitals and clinics around the Orkland/Berkley metroplex. After Hank took a shotgun blast to the chest from another runner hired by Shiawase, Betty melted the corp-shill’s face off and nursed Hank during his convalescence. She convinced him to join the October 25 Alliance, and they truly fell in love during a botched raid on a Shiawase enclave in SF’s Financial District when Hank swam her bullet-ridden, unconscious body across the bay to safety.

They were married shortly thereafter, and decided to take a three month hiatus from freedom fighting to figure their lives out and, in Hank’s words, “fuck their way across the Sixth World.”

Hank and Betty

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